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Heiner Müller

"Hamletmachine" by Bertolt Brecht

1/2" scale scenic model Collins Music Hall The space is an abandoned Elizabethan Theatre now serving as a meat packing plant. It is a machine of spectacle that is no longer in use. The play has ended, but the characters got left behind.


The workers of the plant


The characters now need to be packaged or thrown away.

"Family Album"

Hamlet wakes up and puts on "Hamlet"'s jacket. The audience members wear smocks, as visitors to a meat packing plant would.

"Family Album"

Hamlet rants against the author for creating him, against his mother for birthing him, and against Ophelia for her willingness to recieve the seed of his future. "I was Hamlet. I stood on the coast and spoke with the surf BLABLA at my back the ruins of Europe". "I stopped the corpse train...and distributed the dead progenitor FLESH HAP'LY ENJOYS FLESH to be surrounding faces of misery" - Heiner Müller

Europe of the Women

Ophelia gets tired of being dead in the river. "Her heart is a clock"; women's hearts are short-lived, easily gained, and easily lost.


"HAMLET puts on OPHELIA'S clothes" -Heiner Müller

Pest in Buda Battle of Greenland

The workers wrap OPHELIA back up and place her back into the drain. --- "I am not Hamlet" "I want to be a Machine" "My thoughts are wounds in my brain. My brain is a wound. Arms to grasp legs to walk no pain no thoughts." -Heiner Müller

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