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clips from a 2019 performance

home for the holidays logo lettering.png

directed by ​K.C. Gussler

scenic design by me

presented by Knott's Berry Farm / Cedar Fairs

2019 - present

clips sourced from DAPS MAGIC
"...stunning is the stage design itself, which features a sumptuous backdrop showcasing a cozy wintertime home and barn facade that hides a secret twist. In the middle of the show, the house unfolds, revealing a second set that marks various interior rooms and becomes another background! The transformation is quite impressive, drawing surprise and awe at the level of detail and craftsmanship.
It represents some of the most elaborate stagecraft Knott’s has ever done in a seasonal theatrical production. And it really reinforces the quality that Knott’s has invested into the show"

- Albert Lam via WESTCOASTER 

concept art 

build plates - drafting samples

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